Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wade is 7 Months Old

My oh my!  How time flies!

Just about as soon as I get this post up, Wade will be 8 months old already.  How does time speed up as soon as you have a baby?!

Here is an overload of photos of Wade this month.  I'm well aware that this is entirely too many photos of one person to publish in one post, but I can't help myself.

Wade and Daddy at Wade's Maple, 7 months

Your first real meal: oatmeal and breast milk

Wade, here are a few highlights of you at 7 months old:

  • You are such a lover.  One of your favorite things to do is kiss.  You give out kisses freely and without discrimination.  Kisses for everyone.  And you don't even mind what body part you get to kiss.  Nose, check! Eyeball, check! Kiss, kiss, kiss! Sometimes you even sneak in a little nibble. 
  • You've been eating some solid foods now for about a month, and you seem to prefer your Daddy's tastes.  No sweet stuff for you.  You'd rather have spinach, brown rice, and potatoes. The nastier and messier it looks on your bib, the better.
  • You enjoyed your first Christmas.  
  • A few months ago, you preferred the exersaucer as your favorite toy to exercise with; now, you love the jumperoo the best.  You will hang out in that thing - sometimes 15 minutes at a time -  just giving it your all, bouncing higher than I'm sure it's intended to go, smiling the whole time.  
  • You are very grabby at this age.  You want to touch everything and squeeze it in your hands.  The other day, I was holding you on my hip and walked by the kitchen counter where a pot and a few platters were drying.  In half a second, you managed to hook your finger through the end of the pot handle, and as I walked by, you pulled it with you - almost bringing a pot and a few breakables clattering to the floor.  It would have been quite a calamity. You also love to grab my cheek, nose, and chin as I nurse you.  It hurts sometimes when you take a fistful of my skin in your hand, but in a weird mama-sort of way, I kind of like that you want to hold a piece of me close to you.  Love is painful sometimes. 
  • You have become quite efficient at creeping.  You want so badly to crawl and are trying desperately to figure it out. I let you practice several times a day by putting you down on a quilt with a few toys and watch you rock and roll yourself all around until you get where you intend to go.  The other day, Bo found you completely under the ottoman, just hanging out on your belly.  All we could see were your feet sticking out.  How you managed to work your way under there, we'll never know, but you were quite content until you realized you couldn't get out.  
Wade, we love you dearly.  You have absolutely stolen our hearts, and your brother's too, who has recently been saying "love Wade" at night when we say prayers.  You are sweet and cuddly and perfect in every way, and I thank God every day for you.  You, Wade, are special, and loved beyond measure. 

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