Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving Onesie DIY

Thanksgiving is next week!  Yikes!  And McCord has no turkey-attire.  How did I let this holiday get so close without something special to wear?!  Today we whipped up an easy little number inspired by this tutorial.

Essentially, you trace your child's hand on freezer paper, cut out the inside-part of the tracing, and iron the paper to the t-shirt.  You're left with a perfectly shaped stencil for fabric paint.  We didn't have any freezer paper, however, so I amended the steps a little bit.  Here's our version:
  • Trace your baby's hand on paper (If you have a 4 month old, like I do, you gotta trace fast!  Those little hands don't stay still for long!)
  • Cut out the handprint
  • Use a sharpie or other permanent pen/fabric marker to re-trace the hand on the t-shirt (Tip: I used a sharpie and found that it was easier to "write" on the fabric using little dots, rather than dragging the pen around the handprint - we'll see how the sharpie holds up in the wash)
  • Paint fingers and body of turkey
  • Add turkey legs, beak and eye

Happy Thanksgiving to all you turkeys!

NOTE: Just wanted to post a quick update on using a sharpie vs. using a fabric marker.  The sharpie worked fine for outlining the hand using the dot technique I talked about above as long as I painted over the dots with the fabric paint.  However, I also used the sharpie to write "Baby Turkey" and after a couple of washes, that bled into the fabric. I would highly recommend using a fabric pen if you plan to write something on the fabric.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! Sara, you amaze me with your creativity and talent!!!! That onesie is A-DOR-ABLE!!!!!!!!! What's even more adorable?? Your sweet lil' turkey, McCord!!! LOVE IT!!! I aspire to be a great stay at home mom/wife like you one day!!

  2. Super cute idea, and such a fun memory you capture by doing it!! We tried so hard to get W's handprint on an ornament last I understand how tricky it can be!!