Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Bo!

Dear Husband,

I am so happy to celebrate your 30th birthday with you today!  It has been so much fun to get a glimpse of your childhood by looking through the photo albums that your mom compiled.  Here are a few things I noticed last night as you shared them with me:

Monkey looks more like you than you think.
You were really proud of your Pepsi shirt.
Superman pjs look really good on you.

I know that every year of your childhood - the trips to the lake - the violin lessons - family celebrations - collectively shaped you into the man you are today, and for that I am truly thankful.  If it weren't for you, I would never know what the weather is going to be, nor would I know who sang that song that's playing on the radio.  And what a terrible existance I'd have if I didn't know that Georgia got a 5-star recruit and that this season is going to be much better than last.  I am also really thankful that you know everything about history that I don't know, because if it weren't for you, I'd mix up some terrible detail about Adolf Hitler.   

Here's a picture of Bo's sister Meredith and Bo when he was Mc's age.  You'll see that Mc is wearing the same outfit (in the top picture) as Bo.  Frances made this for baby Bo and we are so thankful that she saved it.

You said something interesting as you told me about each photo: that one day, Monkey will be looking through a photo album sharing the memories of his childhood the same way we did last night.  He'll likely say the same things,
"Oh, that's the backyard of our first house!"
"I remember that birthday gift!"
"My parents still put that same angel on the Christmas tree!"

Three generations of Redmonds

...and it makes me realize that we are building our son's memories right now, same as your parents did 30 years ago.  I'm so thankful that McCord has you to guide and shape him.  I look forward to the day when he puts his tiny feet in your shoes (both literally and figuratively) and follows you around.  If he turns out to be exactly like you, I will be the proudest Mama in the world....and I especially look forward to the superman pjs. 

Taken today wearing a special birthday message for you!

Happy birthday Bo!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

This was Bo's Easter basket when he was a little boy, and thankfully his mom saved it for him to share with his son.  Bo says he can still remember going to Easter egg hunts with this basket.  I can't wait for McCord to do the same!

On the grounds of our church right after the butterfly release prior to the service.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Meet Henley

My sister gave me a bunch of vintage sewing books for Christmas, and I took one look at this chicken bean bag and just knew I had to make her for McCord.  I mean, what child doesn't need a gigantic chicken to bounce around with?!!!

This has definitely been the most involved sewing project I've worked on.  I must be crazy addicted to sewing, because:
  • I had to borrow the overhead projector from our church to enlarge the pattern printed in the book over 2,000%.  I remember it was a cold, rainy day much like today, and I had to load Mc up in the stroller with several rolls of craft paper, markers, and painter's tape.  When I projected the pattern onto the wall it took up our entire Sunday School classroom. This of course, was back in the glory days before McCord was a crawler!

  • And then, I got stumped on sewing a curved dart that I had never done before, so I had to consult with 2 members of our church who are expert sewers. 
    • One of them is 90 years old and lives at Westminster.  You can imagine how silly I felt hauling a gigantic chicken pattern, yards of fabric, and a whole slew of pins into the assisted living facility with a baby on my hip!  Of course I didn't want to fold up the pattern pieces after I'd been to the trouble of enlarging them by hand, so in I walked with chicken head and gusset in tow. My friend at Westminster is a popular lady, and several of her hall mates stopped by to see what we were working on.  So McCord and I, and a bunch of 90 year olds had a grand ol' time trying to figure out this pattern.
    • Still stumped, another member allowed me to stop by her house for a sewing "pep talk" and lots of tutelage.  Not only did I leave with an understanding of how to sew a curved dart, but with lots of inspiration for future projects.  I am so thankful to have knowledgeable friends who are willing to help!

With advice from wiser sewers, I lined the beanbag with a stiffer fabric I had on hand to keep it from coming un-sewn, so I essentially made the beanbag twice.  Then I added a zipper at the bottom in case it ever needs to be washed. 

Once it was all sewn up, the deflated chicken laid around the house for about a week while I was waiting on the stuffing I ordered online to arrive.  Meanwhile, we get a showing for our house (they always happen at the most convenient times!), so I had to load up Henley in her deflated and very unattractive state, with McCord and Rocky and drive around town for a couple of hours.  I'm pretty sure a deflated, gigantic chicken isn't going to help us sell our house!

Finally, last night my extremely patient husband helped me fill up Henley.  This was quite a comedic endeavor! I'm not sure if it was harder to get the filling inside the chicken or clean up all the million little beads?!!! 

Then this morning, we decided that the Easter bunny would like to give Mc his gift early, so I brought Henley up to the nursery right after he woke up.  Here they are getting acquainted. 

I think they'll be fast friends! 

...and this is the smile I hoped for!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Playsuit

I've been working on a sewing project for Mc to wear this week as we get ready for Easter.  Here's McCord's new Easter onesie with coordinating diaper cover. 

...and it wouldn't be complete without a cottontail on the booty!

McCord says,

"Happy Easter, ya'll!"

And, while we're talking sewing, I mentioned a project that I was working on that may be a total flop, and it's almost complete.  I really hope it turns out, because otherwise, the Easter bunny will have to find something else to bring Mc in the eleventh hour!  Remember this fabric?

I hope to show the finished project soon!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Strawberry Massacre

Mama wants to know....

1. When she leaves Daddy in charge for a couple of hours, how can one baby get so messy?

2. I mean, really?!!  Why the bib?

3. How did Monkey get strawberry juice on the booty?!


For the past 10 days we've enjoyed the award winning local festival, Come-See-Me.  The weather has been terrific and some great memories were made. 

The bank sponsored the Glencairn Gardens Music events (all organized by my good friend Jennifer - way to go girl!).  Here are some pictures from last Monday evening - Employee Night.  There was a whole troop of SCBT babies.  I wish I would have gotten a photo of all of the kids together.  There must have been at least 25 kids under 10 there. 

McCord is celebrating his first Come See Me event with event mascots, Glen and Glenda!

The Bailey Bunch high-fiving Glenda.

Somehow we didn't get baby Ben in this photo, but Kasie managed to get all 4 Bailey kids to the Gardens dressed in matching attire.  They were perfect angels.  How does she do it?!!!

Here's Mc trying out his first Chick-fil-a nugget. 

Monday was such a great night, so Thursday Mc and I met Daddy at the Gardens for a picnic lunch.  Ansel Couch performed and did a great job interacting with the kids.  He even sang Itsy Bitsy Spider for them. 

Check out this beautiful rainbow right over our heads!

Love the expressions on Rene and Gary's faces!

The person who was supposed to be Glen had to cancel at the last moment, so my good friend Alice jumped right in and put on the Glen costume!  She's such a trooper and she made a fabulous Glen!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

McCord is 9 Months Old!

...and we have a crawler! 

Or, perhaps we should call McCord a "slider" since he's been sliding around the house on his belly.  It's been so much fun watching him try different crawling techniques: so far, he's perfected Military Style where he uses his forearms as supports, Salamander Style where he slides around the floor on his belly; and my all time favorite is Tree Frog Style, where he uses his toes for traction to push him forward.  He hasn't quite figured out how to use his knees yet, but we know it's just a matter of time. 

Here are a few pictures of McCord by his maple that I took last week on his official "9 month birthday." His maple has just started to get some leaves and McCord and I check it out every day to monitor it's growth. 

We just had our 9 month appointment and learned that this little guy hasn't grown too much since his last checkup, so we are focused on getting more calories in McCord.  After lots and lots of attempts, we've figured out that he has a texture issue with food - no purees for this little guy!  Instead he'd prefer to experiment with foods that he can pick up and put in his mouth on his own.  He's still loving dried apricots and new favorites include graham crackers and ritz crackers. 

Here are a few fun 9 month old memories about McCord:
  • I think his favorite color right now is yellow, because I see him consistently reach for his yellow toys first - we also have a yellow dyson vacuum cleaner, and he squeels with delight when I pull it out to vacuum, calling for it the same way he does for our pets Rocky, Hank and Jackson - maybe he thinks the dyson is one of our pets!
  • I just recently observed that he knows what "no no" and "paci" mean.  It is absolutely AMAZING to watch his language develop right before our eyes. 
  • McCord is starting to smell more like a little boy and less like a baby - just a reminder to Bo and me that this baby stage goes by so quickly!
  • Mc is pulling up and is so proud of himself when he pulls himself into your lap. 
  • He's also hugging, nuzzling, and kissing.  So sweet!
  • We also had to lower the crib about 2 weeks ago, because this guy has started to put himself into the sitting position all on his own.
Here's Mc enjoying the swing that his daddy and Doe Doe hung for him this weekend.  He loves it!

...and here's McCord visiting Daddy at work.  Don't let his scholastic attire fool you - the first thing he did when he sat at Daddy's desk was knock over a file of very important papers!  Oh what fun it is at the bank!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Vintage Children's Books on Prayer

McCord and I stopped by our church library a couple of weeks ago and checked out a few books on children's prayers.  I am so sad because I have to return them today, and I have absolutely loved reading the sweet, innocent prayers these books offer - and the vintage illustrations are precious.  I just had to share!

My Prayer Book, by Margaret Clemens (1947) Rand McNally & Company

Day is done, Gone the sun; God be with us, Every one.

Better picture of this book here
This next book is such a treasure!  In fact, I am so sad to part with it - I just ordered it on amazon and gladly paid more in shipping than the actual book costs!  Tell me about Prayer (1948), Rand McNally & Company, is written by Mary Alice Jones and illustrated by Dorothy Grider.   More info here.

It is so unique because rather than just printing children's prayers on each page, there is an actual storyline of a little boy named Bobby (adorable!) and his sister Mary who ask their mother and father many serious questions about prayer.  After each narrative, several prayers are listed - some are old prayers - some are inspired by scripture - and others are "written" by Bobby and Mary.  Just check out the table of contents and look at the topics and dare I say, grown up! questions Bobby and Mary discuss.

 Let me just share one example of an endearing lesson Bobby learns.  Bobby and his father have been to the circus, and Bobby shares with his dad that while he enjoyed the clowns, animals, and acrobats, he did not so much enjoy the crowds.  This gets Bobby thinking... so that night he asks his dad...

"Daddy, I've been wondering about so many people.  Like at the circus.  How does God hear all of them?  When they say their prayers, I mean."

"He is God, Bobby.  He is great beyond our knowing.  But he loves us, too.  That is why he hears all of us."  

"How does God have enough love for everybody?"

"There is something strange about love, son.  When you divide an apple, the halves are less than the whole apple.  But when you divide love, it seems to grow bigger." 

Bobby looked as if he did not understand; so his daddy went on.  

"Once, you know, Mother and I had only one child -- Bobby.  We gave him all the love we had.  Then we had another child -- Mary.  But we didn't have to take away love from Bobby to have some for Mary.  We found that we had more love.   We had plenty of love for Bobby and Mary."

Bobby understood about that.  He knew his mother and daddy did not take away love from him to give to Mary.  Then he laughed.  "Mr. and Mrs. Thompson must have lots and lots of love, because they have seven children."

Hid daddy laughed, too.

"I'm sure they have plenty of love for all of them."

Bobby and his daddy were quiet a moment, thinking.

"And God isn't too busy to listen when we all pray?"  Bobby asked. 

"It is one of the most wonderful thoughts in the world, son, that he isn't too busy.  That the great God who made the mountains and the waterfalls and the sun and the star loves each one of us and hears us when we pray."

"You know, Daddy, I like to think about that.  Of everybody being a big family and God having enough love and listening.  Like Mr. and Mrs. Thompson and seven children, only lots more."  He nodded his head.  "Yes, I like that.  Now I'll say my prayers with all the people round the world."

And here are a few of the prayers the book offers.

O God, our Father,
For our house, our food, our health,
For all who serve our home,
We thank you.

For making us dear to one another;
For the good times we have together;
For Mother, Father, Brother, Sister,
We thank you.

That you will help us every day
To show love and kindness to one another,
That each one may think of the other
And be ready to share and help,
We pray, dear God, our Father.

McCord's first time going to church, 2 1/2 months old

As I say my evening prayer
I would remember, dear God,
All the children of the world,
And ask your blessing on them all.
Some are hungry,
And some are cold,
And some are lonely and afraid.
Please help them, God.
Show them your love,
And help us all to know
How we may help each other.

Give me, dear God,
a gentle heart
Toward all things that live;
The little creatures
of the air,
The little creatures
of the earth,
And all the flowers
and the trees.
Let me not hurt them,
Nor carelessly destroy
The life that you have made.

We thank you, dear God,
For everything around us
Which helps our minds to know you:
For the greatness of nature,
And the lives of all good people;
For the thoughts of you
Which come to us
Through poets and painters
And those who make sweet music;
For help that comes from you
Through doctors
And others who know how
To keep our bodies
In health and strength;
For knowledge that comes from you
Through schools and teachers and books.
We thank you, dear God,
For everything around us
Which helps our minds to know you.

McCord's Baptism, September 2010

O God, who never sleeps
And never is tired,
Be close this night
To those who are sad.
Let them feel your love,
And know that in this world
Other people are thinking of them.

Gracious God,
Thank you for the gift of all children and for blessing us with our son McCord.
Help us to raise him according to your will, and give us strength and wisdom to guide him in your ways.  May we show him how to have a generous heart; instill in him a desire to do right; guide him to live his life with character and integrity; show him how to care for others - especially children, animals, the elderly and those who are less fortunate.  How special he is to us.  We thank you God for McCord.