Wednesday, August 29, 2012

License to Drive

I'm sure you've all seen the Subaru commercial below.  I just about cry every time I watch it because it reminds me of our two boys.  Here's Mc doing one of his favorite things: pretending to drive in the car.  He's just 2, but already I have flash forwards of him at 16 asking for the car keys.  And before long, he'll be backing down the driveway, on his way to college.  How quickly the years go by.  Their small voices, the little giggles, the bedtime stories, the kisses - Desperately I grasp these things daily and feel them slip out of my hands like sand.

Wade is 3 Months Old!

Better late than never!  Here are some pictures from the last month.

Wade's recent milestones:
- rolling over from belly to back and back to belly at 2.5 months
- just started laughing today!
- first bottle
- first dip in pool

We wish we could add sleeping through the night to the list, but W's been waking up frequently since we moved him to the crib. That makes Bo & me two tired parents! One thing is constant though, and that's Wade's sweet and easy going disposition.  We are so thankful for a healthy, happy boy!

There's a reason we've nicknamed this little guy, "Chunky"

Bo, Wade, and McCord in front of McCord's maple.  Wade's maple will be planted soon!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Making Boys' Clothes

There's so much I love about having 2 boys, but I didn't expect one of those things to be dressing them alike.  There's some odd motherly joy in seeing McCord and Wade in coordinating outfits.  Here are a few things I've made for them lately.

Mc will be starting preschool in September, so here's his first day of school outfit  I made for him and a matching onesie for Wade.  Coordinating diaper cover to follow. 

As you can see in our "all boy" household, we love all things vehicular.

...and here's a little appliqued monogram t-shirt I made for Mc's girl friend Taylor for her 2nd birthday.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wade's Baptism

Wade was baptized this past Sunday (or " 'tized" as our little friend Libba calls it!) and we had a great time entertaining family at our house afterwards. We have been in our house for a year now and it is finally starting to feel like us.  Did you know that in the past year we sold our first house, moved into our second, renovated it - gutted 2 bathrooms and added a third, got pregnant and had a baby. It's been a big year for us!

Here are some pictures of the baptism, the family, and a few shots of our house that my mom took while getting ready for a family brunch. It was a rare occasion that all of the toys were out of sight!

The family. Right before going to church.

One of my favorite photos of the day!  My mom caught this unsuspecting moment.  Doe Doe (my dad) was talking to McCord about how Wade was going to be baptized at church today and McCord would get to go in front of the church next to the baptismal fount and be next to him and what a special privilege that was to be the big brother.  I think he understands much more than we give him credit for.  

This is my mother-in-law, Gee Gee.  Wade is wearing the gown that she was baptized in as an infant.  Since then, Bo and his sister wore it during their baptisms as well as each of our children.  We are so thankful for Gee Gee for sharing this special tradition with our family.  In retrospect, I wish I would have gotten a picture of all of the people who have worn the gown.  It would have included: Gee Gee, Meredith (my sister in law), Bo, Emily, Kyle and Will (Meredith's kids) and McCord and Wade.  Amazing!

And here's the house.  I pulled out my collection of vintage children's prayer books and used them around the house as decorations for our brunch. 

We hope to renovate this kitchen one day - but we're slowly making peace with one another. 

The playroom - it takes a beating every day, got to love a hard working room!
And it would only be fitting to include Wade's prayer for the day, the same prayer McCord offered on his baptism.  

God in heaven, hear my prayer,
Keep me in thy loving care. 
Be my guide in all I do. 
Bless all those who love me too.