Sunday, June 27, 2010

Waiting through the Weekend

It's an unusual feeling waiting for your life to change forever. 

Bo and I know that the baby could come at any moment now, and as soon as that happens, nothing will ever be quite the same.  We're so ready to see what this new life will be like that God has prepared for us.  But for now, we are enjoying our remaining days as a family of 2.  Here are a couple of pictures we took of one of our last weekends with it just being the two of us.   

Pancake Saturday - one of my favorite pregnancy traditions (there have been close to 40 of these Saturdays now!)

Bo stained the deck...

...while I got a pedicure

We cooled off in our neighbor's pool

and an owl came to visit us (Bo got this great picture of a horned owl in our front yard!)

The next bird we hope to see is a stork!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Full Moon

Bo and I've had a little bet going...he thinks the baby will come before his/her due date, and I think I'll go past my due date.  Well, tonight is a full moon, so Bo's been eyeing me curiously to make sure I'm not starting to have contractions.  I've done some research on-line and the general concensus seems to be that maternity wards are busier during full moons.  I suppose if the moon can have an effect on the tides, it can affect the amniotic water as well. 

Still though, I think we're more likely to see this full moon tonight...

than this one.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A New Father

I met him in college and was excited to call him "Boyfriend."

He proposed on the steps of Neville Hall at PC, and for the first time, I called him "Fiance."

We got married at Rose Hill, and as I had dreamed for so long, I called him "Husband."

We've been married now for over four years, and one day soon, our little one will call him "Daddy."

Happy 1st Father's Day Bo!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Baby Book

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law gave us a generous gift card to select a baby book, and boy, have we had fun looking at the possibilities.  We finally settled on this one and were so excited when it finally showed up at our door step.  I love the old-fashioned illustrations and thoughtful poems interspersed throughout the pages.  It is a re-creation of a baby book that was published in 1904.  We can't wait to fill its pages with the story of our little one!