Sunday, October 30, 2011

We Have A New Back Door

Here're the atrocious befores where you can see I was trying out some paint samples:

The only good thing was that the door was magnetic.  Mc loved it!

And the after:

The color is Old Vicksburg by ICI Paints and I used burlap fabric to make a bow for these wreaths

I hope to add our house number to the door like the photo featured below from this etsy seller

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Guest Bath Inspiration

Just dropping in to share a few inspriational photos I've been stockpiling in my pinterest account for our bathroom reno.  Walls were plumbed last week and our subfloor was replaced today.  We're making progress.

I'm loving shiplap walls, antique dressers converted into vanities, lanterns, and sconces in the bathroom, and small hexagonal tile on the floor.

Sources for images can be found here. 

And this picture made me laugh out loud.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Favorite Activities

: : a post by McCord : :

We've been busy.  So busy, Mama's forgotten to blog.  So I thought I'd share a few photos of some fun things we've been doing lately. 

Making cars out of boxes. 

Walking to Earth Fare in the wagon for a few groceries.  

 And picking out a surprise at the Dollar General before heading home.  Check out my fierce sword!

I also like to help Mama carve pumpkins.  

We used them to make flower arrangements for the bank party.  

 And what would Mama do without my help making pumpkin cupcakes?

I take my job very seriously. 

Something else I take seriously?  Using this thing-a-ma-gig to sweep the floor in my boots. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Demolition Day

On Wednesday our downstairs bathroom looked like this

On Thursday it looked like this

And our yard looked like this

Nothing like a toilet in your yard.  But we have managed to change out our back door - you can see it in the background.  Still need to do some framing, add some panes, and we plan to add our house number to it.

So, Doe Doe braved our one bathroom house this weekend and visited. 

He built a shed onto our shed (much needed for all our junk!).


Watched airplanes.

And hung a hammock. 

It was a good weekend. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More from the Pumpkin Patch

Be warned... an excessive amount of pictures of my son are in this post.  But as an excuse, his grandparents requested them...

My friend Alison is a good friend.  You know how you can tell if you have a good friend?  When your camera battery dies, she takes just as many photos of your son as she does her own children.  And then she drops off a disk of all of the photos she took of your son the next day in your mailbox.  Thank you Alison!  We had a great time with y'all at the pumpkin patch and look forward to the 2nd annual pumpkin patch adventure next year. 

Here's Mc all fired up to ride Bear the pony.  Nevermind that his helmet won't stay put.

See him looking back at the other kids like he's so big and bad?  And notice Daddy looking on in the background.  Everyone's wondering if this little guy has enough courage to ride the horse. 

And right about now is when Mc decides that no, he in fact does not have enough courage and riding a horse is not a good idea today.

But petting his soft muzzle is a great alternative

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Our good friends the Bosdells invited us to a pumpkin patch farm over the weekend and we had so much fun visiting with the goats, pigs, chickens and horses.  My camera died shortly after our arrival, so no pictures of the pumpkin patch or Mc playing with his friends Ansley or Sadie, but here are a few shots we got early in the adventure. 

Daddy and Mc talking to the goats

Baby pigs!

This cute miniature horse was so sweet and loved having his head scratched

Mc even tried to ride a horse named Bear, but decided at the last minute that it was a little too scary for this 15-month old!  Maybe next year!