Saturday, February 23, 2013

Opening Shop: Etsy

I little over a year ago, I opened my etsy store High Cotton Handmade, and then I found out I was pregnant with Wade and thought it wasn't a good time to start up a new business.  I've been doing lots of sewing lately and have been dreaming of getting my shop up and running again.

I don't think I would have taken the leap so soon, but I put a few pictures on Instagram of some boys' belts I've been giving as birthday gifts, and one of my followers wanted to buy one for her nephew's 2nd birthday. And just like that, a custom listing was put on etsy, purchased from someone in TX and mailed to a little boy in FL.  And that was my first official High Cotton Handmade sale.  I will be forever grateful for my first client.

First sale on my etsy shop to an Instagram friend who used to work for Kate Spade

packaged and ready to ship

In order to get the order listed and mailed in time for the recipient's birthday, I scrambled to figure things out like shipping cost, packaging, and branding.  I'm still figuring out a few things like my shipping and return policy and I need to create a banner for my home page, but I hope to officially open the shop by Monday.

My plan is to only list a few monogrammed boys' belts (and a few bad boys' belts left over from the craft fair last year) at the start and then I hope to branch out from there: more giraffes, girly belts with tortoise shell buckles, pillows, and fabric bows.

My main items at start include monogrammed toddler/children's belts ranging is xs - large (12 mos - 10 years).  The seller can choose fabric (three collections: Nautical, Gingham/Check, and soon Seersucker).  Belts are $17 with $3 shipping.

Nautical Collection 

Sailboats & Seersucker option, block monogram

Whales, Swirl monogram

Checks & Gingham Collection

I can't wait to add some seersucker options to the mix too!

All of the above options are custom made and take 1 - 2 weeks for production.  However I have a few boys' belts that I plan to list this afternoon or tomorrow that are ready to ship. 

These belts feature a classic military-style buckle in nickle finish. 


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wade is 8 Months Old

Wade will be 9 months old in a week and a half, so here I am trying to squeeze his 8 month post in before it's too late!

One thing about Wade: Wade hugs back.

I've never known a baby to be so cuddly.  Wade is such a lover - grabbing your face and hair to pull himself closer to you.  He loves to press his face into your neck - and he doesn't discriminate - he shares his love with whomever is holding him. Wade has been scootching backwards all throughout our house.  I put him down to practice crawling a couple of times a day, and before long, he's backed himself up against a wall somewhere.  I'll find him as happy as a clam, hanging out underneath a chair, under the dining table, or under the ottoman.

I think I will remember 8 months as the Month of the Mouth.  I'm not sure if it's because he has 4 teeth coming in on top at the same time (so he's more aware of his mouth now), but just recently Wade's been very curious about other people's mouths.  If I am nursing him or rocking him to sleep, he has to put his fingers in my mouth.  It's sort of like a prerequisite.  He'll just hang onto my teeth until he falls asleep - I am fully aware of how weird this sounds, but it's become so normal around here.

Winthrop played PC a few weeks ago, and we squeezed Wade into this onesie all in the name of school spirit!

Children's Museum

Wade and Bo standing in front of Wade's Maple, 8 mos. 
This is just for my memory - an audio of Wade's voice.  I had just finished nursing him and here he is having a big conversation with me.  Love this sweet little voice!