Monday, November 12, 2012

Random Phone Pics

Made this dip for a party last week - thank you Pinterest!  It calls for 1 tub of cool whip, one box of vanilla pudding mix, and one can of pumpkin.  Next time I'd like to substitute the can pumpkin for a can of pumpkin pie mix.  Just to add a little bit of spice to it.   

McCord's feet aren't usually this dirty!  

Weed eating. 

Bought this fabric well before Wade was born.  Shame that I made Wade's pants a bit too small and I had to squeeze him in!  Just had to get a picture of them together in their matching outfits, because I'm pretty sure, Wade's never going to fit in his pants again!

Little break with Ernie and Bert while we did a bit of Christmas shopping today. 

My heart grows bigger every time I look at this photo. 

...and this one. 

McCord and I made a turkey out of his hand print inspired by this photo.  I had intended to make one of Wade's hand too, but it would be so tiny, I don't think I could sew around his fingers.  This is one craft that I'll have to save for Wade for a couple of years.  

Brought home a couple of yards of this fabric last week that I found at my favorite fabric store. It was the last of the bolt, and I'd love to find a couple more yards to make drapes for the dining room. I've been crazed trying to track it down!

Mc and I made this turkey t-shirt last week so he'd have a little something festive to wear to preschool. He was dying to put his hands all over it!  He had so much fun!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Election 2012

: : A Conversation With McCord : :

Bo & I were driving down the road today talking about the election.  We found ourselves trying to describe to our 2 year old sitting in the back seat, listening intently, what a president is.  We told him that we would be voting in a couple of days for who we'd like to be our country's leader. 

Bo: McCord, would you vote for Obama or Romney? 

McCord: Silence, thinking, and then........ Mickey Mouse. 

Apparently, McCord has a few ideas about who should run the country.