Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We've been busy!  Here are a few photos of the projects that have kept us preoccupied. 

Bo painted the nursery,

and my mom filled in around the trimwork,

we recarpeted the upstairs,

and Rocky supervised,

Bo & my dad assembled  the travel system (with the aid of a couple of beers),

and Bo put together the crib - this is a super-generous gift from my in-laws!

and then we began working on the Ikea dresser (this took 6 hours and a cooler of beer, marriage counseling optional)

and I worked on the window treatments and a bird mobile (both still need some tweaking)

And here's our new favorite room in the house! 

McCord or Perrin, we can't wait to show you your new home.  We look forward to reading you your favorite books, singing you to sleep, and telling you all about this big, beautiful world that has been waiting for you to arrive. 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baby Redmond Gets a New Car!

Below are some photos for our families so they can see our newest purchase. 

It's hard to tell who's more excited - me or Bo!

Dad, believe it or not, I can still fit behind the steering wheel!