Saturday, February 28, 2015

Thad is 5 Months Old

Dear Thad, I'm a few months late to write this post, but it's important to me to document these precious months of your first year, because you are so special to us. And anyone who knows you, Thad, knows that you are pretty special just because you are you. 

Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for you - an absolute gift!  You are happy, easy to please, easy to entertain, and generous with your smile and engaging eyes.  And speaking of that smile - it's sort of your signature thing.  You willingly share your one dimple and crooked smile with everyone, and I treasure every single smile you throw my way.

Here are a few highlights of your fifth month of life.

Our church offers a Kindermusik class for babies, and here you are at your first class.  You were the youngest, and one of the only boys, but you loved hearing all of the noises and exploring the rain stick and drums. Most of the other babies were crawling around, and you loved laying on your belly and watching them. I think you were actually 4 months old when you started the class. 

There's no doubt that your brothers adore you....

....and you've gotten quite used to being smushed in the name of love.

Here we are a the local nursery picking out a tree to plant in our yard in your honor.  Each of your brothers have a tree and we've documented their growth along with the trees, and we plan to do the same with you.  Bo picked out a beautiful Cherry tree for you and we can't wait to see it bloom in the spring.

At 5 months, you enjoyed your first Halloween

We carved our pumpkin on the back deck.  You and I are sitting here enjoying each other's company, while your brothers are exploring the ooey gooey insides of our pumpkin.
Happy Halloween, Thad!  Here we are at a neighbor's house right before trick or treating.  You wore the same dinosaur costume I made for Wade when he was your age.  Your tail, however, never seemed to stay attached.  McCord was a cowboy and Wade was Maxx from Where the Wild Things Are

A day or so before Halloween, we went to visit Daddy at work in costume, and you got a lot of laughs as a tiny Georgia football player.

This picture is so special to me.  At five months, you and I loved to swing together.  Here we are swinging in the hammock in the back yard.  You loved to lay on my chest and take in all of the sights and sounds.  I love the wonder in your eyes here, and right after I took this picture, I discovered how much I love to kiss your chin.  It's quite possibly the most kissable spot, but hard for me to get to, unless of course we're on the hammock.

I love this picture of you - your calm, sweet smile - this pretty much sums up how you are all the time.  This picture was taken on your first election day.  You came to the polls with me.

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