Friday, January 23, 2015

Welcome Home Daddy

Bo has been doing some volunteer work for the church and had to travel one weekend in October - he rarely ever travels for work, and the boys thought flying on a plane was a big deal.  So in Bo's absence, we planned a little surprise.... 

Working on a sign for Daddy

And here we are riding the shuttle to the airport.

 It was a bit embarrassing when the shuttle driver pulled over and asked where I was going pushing a Double Bob stroller, carrying a baby on my chest and a gigantic "Welcome Home Daddy" sign.
Me: We're walking to the airport. {duh}
Shuttle Lady: Oh no you're not!!!
Me: {ahem} what do you mean?
Shuttle Lady: You see all these orange cones?!!!  You see all these construction signs?!!!  You ain't walking nowhere!!! Hop on the bus!!!
Me: I, um, have a huge ass stroller.
Shuttle Lady: Hop on the bus!!!
Thank you God for the two strangers who immediately popped out of the shuttle to help me. Absolute angels, I tell you.  One guy looks at the Double Beast, I mean Bob, and says, "we used to have one of these things" and like riding a bike it all comes back to him, collapsing it into it's smaller beast size.  It takes a bit of grunting and shuffling, but they cram it in the handicap storage area.  I grab the boys; we squeeze past a couple of sweaty snickering passengers, and like that the bus takes off for the airport. 

I went dark with Bo's phone calls as he was boarding for his return flight, because you know, if a little surprise is good, a huge surprise is even better.  At the time, it seemed like a genius idea....

"What's that you say?  Daddy's flight was delayed 1 1/2 hours!!!?"

Oh crap.
I only brought two packs of fruit snacks.

So here we are, all four of us stuffed in the family bathroom while I nurse the baby. 
This was the tipping point of the whole trip.  I completely expected the Bigs who have forfeited a nap, to have a major meltdown. In public. Simultaneously. But instead something crazy happens for the very first time in the history of ever:
they go with the flow.
Even Wade has decided that he's willing to play the ipad with the image upside down. Amazing. 

Bribing with Cheetos paid dividends.

We walked around every single baggage claim at least 4 times and rode the elevator at least twice.

But this was worth it.
And this.


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