Thursday, October 23, 2014

This one is more...

more complex

more challenging

more rewarding

more responsible

more imaginative

more frustrating

more interesting than I ever thought a child could possibly be. 

McCord at 2 years old was quite possibly the hardest year Bo and I have ever had, but we all made it through, and there on the other side was a fascinating, remarkable 3 year old.  And now here we are another year older with the usual 4 year old challenges, but every once in a while we get a glimpse of this old soul as if he is an old man. 

Tonight after the boys were in bed, I made my way upstairs to wash clothes in the laundry room which is adjacent to the boys' bedroom, but I stopped before I got to the top of the stairs because I heard Mc singing.  He started participating in choir at church a few weeks ago, and it's not unusual to hear him "practicing" when he thinks he's all alone.  How I wish I could have recorded his sweet little voice singing his heart out to God in what can only be described as a stream of consciousness prayer interspersed with the days of the week and a few nonsense words.  It went something like this:

"I love you, I love you. Thank you for my cousins and my friends..."

A few days of the week were sung - not necessarily in the right order. Then,

"And God, can you please tell Santa Clause thank you for Catfish [my very special buddy whom I sleep with every night].

A few more days of the week...

"And thank you for my Batman castle. And all the parts that go with it."

...and then things got a bit muffled here, but I'm fairly certain I could make it out,

"But there's just one thing I don't understand, God. Why can't you just kill all the mosquitos?"

Absolutely delighting in the gift of hearing what's on McCord's heart, and half-crouched on the stairs, straining my ear to the crack in the door, I cried a happy, humble tear at the gift of being a mother. 

The days are long, redundant, and thankless.  And sometimes, many times you feel as though you've made a mess of things.  But every now and then you find yourself holding your breath, a heap of dirty laundry, and a tender moment.  And it makes it all worthwhile. 

Catfish and Batman

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Thad is Three Months Old

Oh, Thad!  What a joy you are! 
I can't even begin to think what life was like without you.  Your Daddy and I are helplessly in love with you and you hear us say frequently, "Thank goodness for Thad Campbell!"  You just fit so seamlessly into our lives, and you are so laid back! 
Three months has been a big month for you.  Here are a couple highlights:
- at 13 weeks you slept 13 hours - I'll never forget having to wake you up in your nursery to feed you, and you were smiling in your sleep. 
-you laughed for the first time in our Sunday School class. Everyone started laughing, including me.  You were watching my face and you found that really funny! 
- any day now, I suspect you'll roll over - you've almost gotten it figured out
- you love to give eye contact and you share your smiles freely with everyone.  My favorite part of our day together is right after your bath when I sing "Jesus Loves Me" to you and you sing right along with me!
- you just started your first Kinder Musik class.  You're the youngest in the class and love looking at the other babies.

Your first hike up Kings Mtn - and a brief picnic lunch

First vacation to Lake Murray

Nursery and Birth Announcements


Thad's Baptism

Thad, what a beautiful day we had for your baptism!  Your grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins from both sides of the family came to town for the big event.  We felt so blessed to have so many family members come to see you baptized and we enjoyed a great celebration with all of them at our house afterwards. 

Here you are in the church nursery - right after Gee Gee and I got you dressed.  You are wearing the handmade gown that she was baptized in.  Since then Daddy, aunt Mere, all of her children, and your brothers have been baptized in the same gown.  It is an absolutely beautiful family heirloom and I'm so thankful that you've been able to be a part of this special family tradition. 


Aiya came up several days early to help us get ready for the baptism celebration.  She cooked and cleaned like a mad woman and for a very short time, our house looked and smelled great.  Funny the only picture I took of the party at our house was of a plate of cookies!

Thad is Two Months Old

Oh, how I love these little chirps!

One of your first baths that I forgot to put in with your one month pictures

Oh Thad.  Here you are so upset at having your hearing tested.  You failed your hearing exam in the hospital, and for the past 2 months we've been having it retested.  All we know that that you have fluid on your left eardrum, which does not allow you to hear soft sounds out of your left ear.  Your right ear, however, hears great.  We are still investigating, but are not too concerned.  You've shown us already that you're pretty adaptable and lack of perfect hearing on your left side has not seemed to hold your cognitive development back one bit. 

One of your first smiles - around one month

2 month check up

Getting so big - you love being on your belly!

We swing while the Bigs nap - you love it!

You absolutely love smiling at McCord!

Another one month bath photo

2 month hearing screen