Friday, July 29, 2011

A Playdate and Hardwood Floors

Earlier this week, we were so thrilled to have some of McCord's friends over to play.  We tried our best to grab a shot of all four of them together: McCord, Taylor, Delaney, and Riley.  They are all about the same age and just had the best time bumping around together.  Thank you all so much for coming over to play in our new house.  We look forward to many more playdates! 

Here's a picture we took of the playroom before we put in the hardwood floors.  The carpet was really damaged by the previous resident and it had a terrible pet odor that we just couldn't get rid of, so we are so relieved to have clean hardwoods now. 


Walls are painted Benjamin Moore's Gray Horse.  I found the credenza table on the left at a thrift store for $30 and painted it navy to match the fabric on the ottoman I slipcovered.  This room was added onto our 1940s house in the 90s (and it shows!).  We plan to rip out the crown molding and replace the large window to make it look a little more consistent with the age of the house.   More info on the gigantic chicken beanbag here.
Not quite an AFTER shot, but an In Progress picture

I'm looking forward to making some pillows out of this fabric to add some whimsy to the room.

Do you remember this lamp of my grandmother's?  I blogged about the before and after here.  There's a great tutorial on how to recover lampshades at Isabella and Max Rooms.  Janelle does a great job of writing tutorials, and this one doesn't disappoint.  One of my blog readers told me about the oil rubbed bronze spray paint made by Rustolium, so I re-sprayed the base and I'm liking the lamp much better now.  (Just FYI, if you haven't used this spray paint before, you'll love it - the coverage goes on great, and I've since used it to spray down an old brassy overhead light fixture I picked up at the Habitat Restore and I want to use it on our outdated kitchen knobs - will blog about those topics soon.)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Name Change

Just a note to let you know that Life on Surrey Lane will be undergoing some changes in the next few weeks, starting with a name change.  If the blog head on your screen reads, High Cotton, you're in the right place!  I'll be updating my web address soon as well as playing around with the design. 

More info on High Cotton to follow...

Birthday Pics and A Few Others

I just got my camera back and wanted to include a few of these birthday pictures for my memory. 

My mother-in-law put together this thoughtful grouping of McCord photos.

I made McCord's birthday cake, and come to think of it, that might be why he wasn't too interested in eating it.  Perhaps something went wrong?!  There are two layers inside: strawberry (red) and vanilla (blue).  The candles came from Target.

McCord's cousins Emily and Kyle helped me decorate the cupcakes in our red, white, and blue theme.

And here's the birthday boy with his daddy pre-celebration, wondering what all the fuss is about!
And we've been playing with finger paint. 

My parents kept my sister's kids while she and her husband were out of town for a couple of days.  So McCord and I went to see Aiya and Doe Doe and his cousins Bayer and Calla.  The idea was for me to help my parents out, but instead, I may have caused more trouble.  We took all the kids outside, stripped them down, rolled out some brown packing paper on the sidewalk, and let them play with finger paint.  Bayer and Calla were over-the-top excited; McCord was not too sure how he felt about it, but that didn't keep him from getting messy. 

Bo and I are so thankful that my in-laws came to visit us this weekend.  Bo's dad brought the pressure washer and his mom brought lots and lots of food to stock our fridge.  She also washed the windows after the men did the pressure washing.  We are so thankful to have parents who have been so willing to help us make our new house feel like home. 

Today marks 1 month that we've been in our new house and every day that goes by, we love it more and more and look forward to making many family memories here. 


Friday, July 15, 2011

A Few Random Things

ONE --We celebrated McCord's birthday this past weekend with family at my in-laws house.  What a great day to be one year old!  It was a red, white and blue birthday party and everyone dressed accordingly.  McCord loved watching his cousins jump into the pool from the diving board, and he enjoyed splashing around the shallow end.  I left my camera at the party, but here are a few shots my mother-in-law sent us. 

A great snapshot of McCord and my Dad ("Doe Doe") goofing off by the pool.

A great photo of my sister and my mom (otherwise known as "Aiya")
McCord wasn't too sure what to do with the birthday cake, so he tried a little bit of icing, and then he decided I should try it too.  He stuck his finger in it and then put it in my mouth!

But he LOVED the homemade strawberry icecream that Gee Gee made!

This is a needlepoint sampler that my mom made for McCord with his name and birthday on it.  It is truly a labor of love.  I remember her working on it right after McCord was born.  She'd bring it with her whenever she came to visit, and we were able to view the progress.  Now here it is complete and ready to make a special wall hanging for McCord's new room.

Thank you Papa and Gee Gee for letting us celebrate at your house!
 The older I get, the more I realize how special it is to be able to have our family together.  In this case, it was special 2 times over, because we had both sides of our families together to celebrate Mc's 1st birthday - 4 grandparents, aunts and uncles, and 4 cousins!  It was such a gift for us to spend that time with them. 

TWO -- We closed on our new house yesterday, so we are no longer renters, but home owners!  We plan on celebrating by ripping out the carpet in the playroom on Monday.  The hardwood floors will be delivered today so they can get acclimated to our house before the installation.  Here's a before picture of the playroom.  Once this is complete, we'll be installing a new exterior door and completely gutting both of the bathrooms, insulating the attic and installing a fence.  We can't wait!

THREE -- My dad is coming up today to help us with lots of homeowner repair stuff like hanging a smoke detector, blinds, drapery rods, and McCord's swing.  Exciting stuff, right?  We're just glad to get on his calendar because he's been pretty busy lately writing articles for the local newspaper.  Here's his first article and the one published most recently about "beaver fever." And when he's not hanging drapery rods and writing articles, he makes grills out of old tires.  Here's a video my mom shot in their backyard of his contraption. 

FOUR -- Last, and certainly not least.  Thank you so much to those of you who read the last post and commented on the photoshoot.  You are all a thoughtful bunch of readers and we're humbled by all of your comments.  We are able to order an extra 5 x 7 because of the number of comments we got, and that helps tremendously when you're a sentimental mama like me who wants to order every photo taken of her child (will that make him stop growing up so fast?!!! ).  Many, many thanks!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Photoshoot & A Favor, Please...

Saturday was a really fun day. 

We had Nicole Rogers Photography out to take a few pictures of our family in our new house.  Oh, how fun it is to be one year old!  We loved watching McCord flirt with Nicole as she captured his smirky little smile on camera.  Here's a link to the sneak peek she shared with us this a.m.

And, we need your help, fellow blog readers.  We are trying to get as many comments on Nicole's blog post featuring Mc's photo shoot as possible.  Now, don't be shy.  Even if you've never posted on this blog, we'd love, love, love it if you'd post a simple comment on Nicole's blog.  If we get a certain amount, she'll allow us to get a free print.  That would help us out tremendously!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

: : a post by McCord : :

A year ago today was my due date, but I surprised everyone and was delivered 3 days earlier.  Look how much I've grown since my first July 4th!

This year, I've done all sorts of fun things to celebrate the holiday. 

I've played with my favorite toy of all time - the Dyson.

I also had my one year photo shoot with Nicole Rogers (more on that later!).  Mama says that I flirted with her the whole time!

I mowed the lawn and never took my eyes off of Daddy the whole time - you can see him just outside of the fence doing something very-manly-and-cool-with-a-really-big-tool-that-makes-a-lot-of-noise.  Isn't he impressive?!

 And here I am helping Daddy fix the weed eater.  Just in case you ever have to fix a weed eater, it really helps if you get your booty in it like I'm demonstrating here.

 ...and this morning I got my first taste of orange cinnamon rolls.  I almost ate everything off of Daddy's plate!

And speaking of food, our neighbors knocked on our door this morning to tell us that they are leaving town and would like for us to pick their garden while they are gone.  Here's our first bag of fresh veggies. 

Hope you have a happy 4th of July!

Love, McCord
1 year old

Friday, July 1, 2011

McCord is One Year Old!

...and he's absolutely stolen our hearts. 

1-year-old McCord standing next to the maple we planted in his honor when he was just 2 weeks old

A few things your Daddy and I love that you are doing at 1 year old:

  • the way you play with my hair when you're tired
  • the way you look at your daddy with such admiration
  • you've recently discovered that you can walk on your own if you use your walker (on wheels).  I love how your tiny body waddles through the kitchen without hardly bending your knees.  Sometimes, your Daddy and I think you look like a little old man hobbling to the cafeteria as you'll see from the sideways video below. 
  • You love being outside and especially enjoy watching birds and playing with sticks.
  • Your favorite toy right now may very well be the Dyson vacuum.  Since we moved recently, it hasn't found a good home yet - and it's hanging out in the playroom.  You couldn't be happier. 
McCord, you have made life so grand!  Whatever did we do without you?!!  We love you so much and are so thankful for the past 12 months.  We consider every day with you a true blessing.

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