Friday, December 28, 2012


Bo and I were in the hospital shortly after I delivered Wade when one of Bo's co-workers sent a congratulatory text message on having 2 boys in the family now.  He mentioned something about "welcome to the world of broken bones and ER visits." Well, we got a taste of our first Urgent Care visit last week when McCord went flying through the air and bumped his head.  I wasn't exactly sure how it happened at first.  I was in our room folding laundry, Wade was in the exersaucer in the boys' room, and Mc was running back and forth between the two rooms at faster than fast speed, which is how 2 1/2 year old boys travel. He tripped and hit his head on a chair, and came up with a huge hole in his head.  He cried for a few seconds, and never cried again - even when the doctor put 2 shots in his forehead to anesthetize the area and stitch him up.  I was amazed at how brave and calm this otherwise bundle of energy was.

We go to get the stitches removed tomorrow, and I hope that will be our last visit to Urgent Care for a long time.

Before stitches

After stitches

Christmas Eve-Eve after it's had a few days to heal

The other day, Wade was napping and McCord and I were enjoying some rare one-on-one time playing together outside.  He decided he wanted to make a fort out of his slide, so we gathered up a quilt and some books.  He crawled in his fort and said, "Mama come in!"  I am so glad that I had my phone on me because I was able to capture a picture of this moment that makes my heart overflow with joy every time I see it.  He wants me to be a part of his world!  I love McCord's world - it's so imaginative and magical - yes, of course I will come in!  And so I found myself rolling around on the grass trying to fit my 32 year old self into a space made for toddlers because I couldn't stand the thought of not being a part of McCord's world.  I know all too well, that the day is coming when it is no longer cool for Mama to make a fool of herself trying to squeeze into McCord's forts, but for now, he wants me!  And that makes me happy.  

"Mama, come in!" 

We had to replace our hot water heater, and we couldn't get our hands on the box fast enough.  

It made the perfect rocket ship. 

This was the day McCord introduced us to his imaginary friend Taygee.  She flew to the moon with us, and since then, she's been taking naps with McCord.  At night, Mc asks me to blow her a kiss before I close the door.  In the morning, I have to give her a piggy back ride down the stairs.  One morning I noticed that Mc had wet through his diaper and I said, "McCord, you wet the bed last night."  He responded, "No...Taygee."  

Even the inside of the rocket ship got custom detailed.  

Discovery Place Kids

McCord's also been calling me Mom lately.  I'm not sure I'm ready for that.  

A Merry Little Christmas

What a special Christmas it was this year for us with one baby enjoying his very first Christmas, and his older brother experiencing the magic of the season as if it was the first time.  Oh, how we have loved telling McCord all about Santa and watching his little mind learn about all of these special traditions: learning about baby Jesus, seeing where "Elfie" our EOTS was each morning after an exhausting trip back from the North Pole, and I will never forget walking around the block in mid-November and telling McCord all about Santa.  I was pulling Mc and Wade in the wagon and Bo was walking Rocky, and we were telling McCord all about the big guy in the red suit, "...and he and his elves work all year long building toys for good boys and girls.  Then on Christmas eve, he loads up all of the toys in his sleigh and he and his reindeer fly through the sky, land on rooftops and deliver the toys."  Mc hung on every single word - it was just the most amazing thing his almost 2 1/2 year old mind had every imagined and he couldn't wait to experience it.

One night we met a bunch of friends at Krispy Kreme and drove around looking at Christmas lights.  All of the kids were bathed early and arrived at KK in their Christmas pjs - it was adorable!  Thanks Kasie for organizing!                                                                          
We love the Bosdells!

They treat our kids with as much love as their own!

Mc sawed down the kids' Christmas tree - he was more excited about the saw than the tree itself. 

Christmasville 2012 - one of our favorite activities this year was participating in the arts and crafts event at the library

This Santa was amazing!  He played the harp and sang Christmas carols while the children played the bells.  As you can see, Mc was entranced - I was too!

I've been doing a lot of sewing lately.  

A little outfit for Mc because he's very into "toy soldiers" right now.  We'll work on calling them "nutcrackers" next year.  

a coordinating jon jon for Wade

Some gingerbread love for Mc. 
Santa tshirts for the boys

A monogrammed bathrobe for my M-I-L with the grandkids names embroidered on the belt

a scarf for my mom with the grandkids initials
Finished a silhouette pillow of my S-I-L's third child to match the ones I made of her older kids a few years ago

The boys and I have been making some wintertime treats for the backyard birds and for Christmas gifts.  Used this recipe

Christmas morning sitting at the top of the stairs - a picture taking tradition in our household

Checking out his leaf blower

Santa also managed to fit this "Tiny Tractor," as Mc calls it, in his sleigh

This little guy smiles pretty much all the time - even when Mama stuffs his pudgy little body in a hand me down outfit (that doesn't fit) that Brother wore at Christmas time just so she can get a picture of Wade in the same Christmas pose as Mc at 6 months!  Thank you Wade for being so agreeable! 

First Christmas for this little guy.  

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wade is 6 months old

This is a very belated post for Wade who is almost 7 months old!  We also owe this page a picture of Wade and Bo in front of Wade's Sugar Maple which was just planted.  I hope to get that picture soon.  Life has been busy lately!

NOTE: added tree pics

Here's Wade at 6 months standing next to his Sugar Maple -  it's huge compared to Mc's maple!  Can't wait to see it in the spring when its leaves come in!

Does anyone else have problems uploading pictures on a patterned background? For some reason, blogger wants to flip this vertical.  

Oh Wade!  Why must you grow so fast?!  Every day that passes I feel as though I am reaching for something that has just escaped me - raising a baby is like that.  You are growing up right before our eyes, and life seems to be racing by like the scenery outside a car window.  We love you so much: your infectious smile, the way you grab our faces when we hold you close to us, your chunky legs and lack of ankles.  You are eager, sweet, and curious.  You're perfect, and we just can't get enough of you.  My oh my!  How I love having a baby in the house!

Headed out the door to church and you just couldn't keep your eyes open!
Some things I just don't want to forget:
- when you're laying on your back and you get excited, you start twirling your fists in circles both at the same time, it's so funny. 
- you also love to wave your arm in the air; sometimes you get going so fast I think you just might start to levitate
- at your 6 month check up you measured in the 95 percentile for length and 75th for weight