Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Valentine's Onesie DIY & Other Randomness

Continuing the trend of seasonal onesies, (Thanksgiving and Christmas) I thought I'd make a Valentine's onesie for Mc.  A lot of the Valentine appliques I've seen on etsy are so very girly, so here's a tutorial for a little boy featuring his favorite dog.  For more information on using Wonder Under and stabilizer, refer to this post. 

I printed out an old picture of Rocky in 8 x 10 format so his profile would be enlarged.

 Trace the silhouette of the dog using a sharpie and cut it out.  Then apply Wonder Under to the wrong side of the fabrics you plan to use. 

My sewing machine has a stitch function that sews letters, so I stitched out McCord's name on the fabric to be the Valentine.  Then I made a little collar out of the polka dot fabric for Rocky. 
 Fuse the pieces to your onesie and apply stabilizer to underside of onesie.
 Stitch around the perimeter of your design. 

 Now, if you notice, Mc is sporting 3/4 sleeves with this onesie...and it was almost impossible to snap! Hard lesson learned - even if the size says 6-9 months, try it on your baby before you wash and applique it.  If anyone knows a baby named McCord who could use a Valentine's onesie - probably sized 0 - 3 months, let me know.  We've got the perfect one!

Also, Bo gave me some amaryllis bulbs for Christmas.  I planted them in these glass containers with a couple of hyacinths that I had left over from last year. Here are some pictures from a few weeks ago. 

 ...and this is what we found today!  What a nice thing to see after staying up the past 5 nights with a baby with bronchiolitis!


  1. Like I've said in previous posts, love the onesie! Hope McCord feels better soon!

  2. Wow! That is SEW CUTE! ;o) he he!......I am totaly thinking about having another baby boy now and naming him McCord so I can use that onesie!!....or MAYBEEEE McCord can be Eliza's valentine and SHE can wear it! But really are very talented Sara and I love to see your new creations!