Wednesday, March 31, 2010

That's What Mommas Do

I think Baby Redmond is in a growth spurt right now, because he or she has been moving around quite frequently.  The other night Bo was tapping on my belly, and the baby tapped back!  This went on for a couple of minutes.  Not sure if this was a complete coinsidence, but I enjoyed experiencing the two bond in this way.  I am still in awe that my body can provide everything that this baby needs right now to grow and develop.  It has made me think about the protection that mothers provide - not just in utero, but throughout life - a love that is measureless and unchanging. 

Bo and I received this ad for Via Cord - a cord blood banking organization - a couple of weeks ago, and we both loved it.  It says, Protect baby.  That's what mommas do.  Apparently a frying pan can fix anything - even a hungry lion.  What a cute play on the idea of protective mothers!  
 For your enjoyment, here's a 2 minute news segment about mothers in the animal kingdom.  This shows that motherhood knows no bounds.