Saturday, February 28, 2015

Thad is 6 Months Old

This post is a little bit difficult for me to write, because 6 months old is both a wonderful and a sad thing at the same time.  What an absolute blessing it is to have had 6 amazing, healthy, wonderful months with you, Thad Campbell - but at the same time, it is a milestone that reminds me how quickly time passes.  I feel as though I was holding you in my arms for the very first time just yesterday, but in reality, that moment was half a year ago.  It has been an absolute gift for me to give birth to 3 healthy little boys, each so unique and special. As babies, I had the privilege to hold each of you in my arms, comforting you in the middle of the night. And now I look upon this picture, above, and am so thankful that you three have each other to hold on to.  It is my prayer that you will always be close.

As I go back through these pictures of you at 6 months old, I am amazed by how much you grew in one month.  Here you are as a young 6 month old....

...and here you are as an almost-7-month-old wearing the same outfit as above.  My! How you have grown!

At 6 months, you sat in the high chair for the first time.  Before you were quite content to lay on your belly on the floor and watch all of the activity around you, but now in the high chair, you seem to enjoy the change of perspective.  Many times, I will put you in the high chair while I'm cooking dinner, and you love to sit and watch.

Enjoying some time with Poppie and GeeGee

And here you are in the jumper-roo for the first time.  Bubba was quite excited for you to try this out!

Happy Thanksgiving, Thad!

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