Friday, November 5, 2010

Thirty Birthday Wishes for My Son on my 30th Birthday

: : some silly & some serious in no particular order : :

1. good health throughout your life
2. learn to love and take care of animals
3. learn to laugh at yourself
4. find enjoyment in little things like Pancake Saturday, hearing your favorite song on the radio, and climbing trees
5. learn how to tell a really good joke
6. care for others especially children, the elderly, and those who are less fortunate
7. practice good southern manners
8. develop a generous spirit
9. find something you're really good at that brings intrinsic satisfaction 
10. learn to be truly happy for others when something good happens in their life
11. respect your parents and grandparents
12. experience joy that moves you to the point of tears
13. learn to be selfless (for the next 5 years, this means sharing your toys, and maybe one day your room)
14. know right from wrong and have a desire to do right
15. enjoy watching college football with your Daddy, because to be honest, Monkey, I could use a break
16. express empathy for others in need
17. develop a great sense of humor
18. enjoy listening to Beatles records over, and over (for the same reason as #15)
19. develop a creative spirit (I could use a partner in crime for all of those trips to Hobby Lobby)
20. feel confident in social situations
21. thank God daily for all of your blessings
22. enjoy reading
23. inherit your daddy's musical abilities
24. one day know the sheer joy of having your own children (but not until you're married!)
25. that you're not tone deaf like me, but if you are, that you'll still sing from your heart
26. find a soul mate that you love as much as I love your Daddy
27. that you'll always let me hold your hand as you fall asleep
28. continue to bring joy into the lives of others just as you've done for your Daddy and me the past 4 months
29. continue to smile so easily 

30. remember that you are loved like crazy


  1. Simply sweet! Cheers to a wonderful year for you and your fam, Sara!

  2. Awww!! Sara, this is by far my fave post of yours, too!!!!! I had tears for sure!!! We need to stop doing this to each other!! LOL!!! Happy 30th to you!! :)

  3. This is beautiful! I still wish for a few of these for myself!!! Happy Birthday Sara!