Tuesday, October 9, 2012

While We Live We Love: A Visit to our Alma mater

Presbyterian College has a special place in my heart.  It's a tiny school, but it makes a colossal impression on you during such a formative time in your life.  I suppose that argument could be made about all colleges and universities, but PC is different.  It changes you.

PC is also where I met Bo. We have such fond memories of the campus, the friends we made, the professors, classes, and the weekend parties.  It is so special to us, that a few years after we graduated, Bo convinced the president of the college to have his secretary invite our graduating class to a Christmas Eve party at Neville Hall, an iconic building in the middle of campus.  I received a personal invitation from the secretary, and Bo and I drove to PC on Christmas Eve in 2004 to attend the party.  We arrived to find no one on campus.  Bo, having arranged an elaborate scheme to bring me back to the place we met, proposed to me on the steps of Neville Hall.  It was a surprising and romantic proposal, and one that held such meaning to us both since it involved a place we love. 

Neville Hall

Bo, McCord, and Wade climbing the steps of Neville

PC's motto is dum vivimus servimus, "while we live we serve."  On Bo's wedding band I inscribed, dum vivimus amo, "while we live we love" - a tribute to the place that means so much to us.

Because it's my alma mater, where I met my husband, and where we got engaged, you can imagine what a thrill it was to introduce our boys to the campus last weekend.  It was fall break, and not a soul was around.  The campus looked as if it belonged in a storybook - exactly how we left it when we graduated and closed that chapter in our lives.  It was so refreshing to find the pages untouched.  

PC has a great tradition of holding the graduation ceremony underneath the beautiful oaks that line the front horseshoe on campus.  We graduated under this beautiful oak, and now we can share it with our 2 year old.  

On Monday, Bo and I celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary, and I am forever grateful to PC for bringing us together.  

Happy Anniversary, Bo! 

Still my boyfriend. 

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